We are an experienced team with over 30 years combined expertise within the health and social care sector. We provide a range of technical services and solutions. Our ethos is to bring innovation to the healthcare market through our experience, technical expertise and our passion to help drive change. We aim to support the transformational agenda with integration at the heart of our solutions. Whilst maintaining a firm focus on providing better care to patients and driving efficiencies through the better use of IT.

  • Over 30 years experience in healthcare IT.
  • Proven track record in delivering enterprise clinical management solutions.
  • Clinical input from leading domain experts.
  • Experienced in the design and development of bespoke software.
  • Excellent client management skills.

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, using our unique combination of technical and domain expertise.

Jonathan Homer, Director

Our Team

Allison Homer Managing Director

Allison has over twenty years’ experience working within the Healthcare Sector with extensive knowledge and expertise of the market. With over five years NHS experience working within primary care in partnership with both clinicians and senior management, this insight and experience adds significant value and knowledge. Having also worked at Director Level at EMIS for over 12 years, Allison’s principle skills include, management, leadership, defining and shaping sales strategies and solutions. As well as a strong background in operations, account and customer management. With strong leadership and management skills Allison is ideally placed at Edenbridge to help shape and inform the next generation of healthcare IT.

Jonathan Homer Development Director

Jonathan has more than 24 years of experience in software development within healthcare and government sectors. As Chief Systems Architect at EMIS for over 17 years (the UK’s leading supplier of healthcare software to GPs and a major software supplier to high street pharmacies) he was a principle author of both the EMIS PCS and EMIS Web products. Specialising in the electronic health record, Jonathan was responsible for the design and development of the core clinical modules. Jonathan was also the author of the EMIS integration framework and has a wealth of expertise in the various integration technologies. With his combined technical and domain expertise Jonathan will be responsible for defining and driving our technical strategy as Development Director at Edenbridge Healthcare.

Partners & Alliances

Through our extensive experience of working within this sector, we also bring significant benefit through working closely with partners and alliances. Through these collaborations Edenbridge has an extensive network of highly motivated, skilled and experienced individuals and organisations, with a proven track record within the sector and who have contributed significantly to the development of healthcare IT over many years.