Edenbridge provides technical, architectural design and development expertise, to organisations operating within the health and social care sector. We will work with our customers to help shape and design next generation solutions to meet market requirements. We have the skills and expertise to work closely with our customers to deliver seamless integrated solutions, to advance and support the sharing of clinical data. We are experienced domain experts with a track record in developing clinical management solutions. With a detailed knowledge of managing complex clinical data and the stringent governance requirements that are an intrinsic part of the design and development of healthcare solutions.

Business Analysis

Our analysis and design team will work with you to help define and capture your exact requirements. This service offers domain experts who can work in partnership with the customer to help inform and redesign solutions in line with business transformation.

Architecture & Design

Our architecture & design team offer a range of technical support and architectural services. Including expertise in the following technologies: .NET, Windows 8, Web Orientated Architectures, Relational Databases, Big Data, Java, Cloud Computing and User Experience Design.

Software Development

We provide a wealth of domain experience in developing clinical management solutions within the health and social care sector. We are an experienced team in the development of bespoke solutions using the latest development technologies and agile methodologies.

Customer Management

We provide a professional approach to managing our customers. With a firm commitment to work in partnership and deliver a high level of customer satisfaction through the delivery of quality products and services. An integral part of our business is to develop close working partnerships with our customers to ensure we deliver to their exact requirements.

Interoperability & Integration

The sharing and mobilisation of clinical data to patients and healthcare professionals is key to the development of next generation of healthcare IT. We offer specialist technical support to inform, design and develop applications in line with local strategy or existing solutions. We also provide management consultancy to support the delivery of our integration services.

Outsourcing & Consultancy

Our outsourcing and consultancy service offers a wealth of sector experience from defining and shaping your strategy through to solution design and development. We provide a flexible approach to outsourcing and consultancy, helping inform strategy through to architecture design across the full product lifecycle. We offer collaborative services working alongside existing organisational teams.